About Us

The Urbanist is a stationery brand offering minimal and powerful designs to organize your life. Whether you are a corporate professional or a digital nomad, The Urbanist can offer you everything you are going to need to pursue your goals in style. Our main purpose is not to create a single product but a unique experience for you. 

The Urbanists are people who are creative and passionate about what they do, they never stop dreaming and they always strive for the best. They are curious and new adventures are what they seek for. They are the same people who find their professional success equally important with their personal success and work on both sides. Urbanists are the ones who value work and aesthetics at the same time; they want to do more but they also want to do better.   

If you are an Urbanist, we know what it is to work hard everyday and we are here to make your life easier. Our products are thoroughly designed to give you a more structured and organized daily life in a minimal and modern aesthetic.  

Keep being motivated, inspired and fearless every day and we will keep finding ways to help you make your dreams come true.

Have a nice day, 
The Urbanists